Placement schemes

See for yourself

There’s no better way to experience the firm than on one of our placement schemes or open days in our London office. You’ll sample our culture and the way we work for yourself and get a real feel for whether we’re the right firm for you.

Our winter, spring and summer placement schemes, which run each year, will give you a real taste of life at the firm. We’ll make sure you’re involved in quality work and will try to help you experience any areas of law you’re particularly interested in.

Typically you’ll spend one or two weeks in our offices, sitting with qualified lawyers and tackling some case work. You’ll benefit from an organised programme of interactive sessions, talks and social events. A placement gives you a great opportunity to talk informally to existing trainees, lawyers, partners and support teams to find out just why the law, and Stephenson Harwood, is such an attractive career option.

Find out more directly from Rosie, who completed a placement scheme.